Charging the world with
innovative EV chargers

Rev-Charge provides sustainable EV Charging stations to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions and support a viable transition to a vibrant, low-emission economy. 

Rev-Charge provides EV charging solutions to commercial enterprises and consumers

Leveraging our extensive industry expertise, we partner with clients across various sectors, including municipalities, businesses, developers, fleet management, and individual drivers, to help them meet their charging goals.


Revolutionize urban mobility: Paving the way to greener, smarter cities

Rev-Charge aids municipalities in streamlining transportation, mobility, parking, and curb management. Our experienced team addresses EV charging infrastructure, tackling concerns such as parking congestion and fleet management to ultimately lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions ratings and promote a vibrant economy.


Frictionless parking experience: Seamless charging and payment for customers

Rev-Charge leads in EV technology, delivering top-quality industry-standard solutions for businesses. With over 1 million new EVs sold in the US in 2023 (Bloomberg NEF, 2023), buyers prefer businesses with on-site charging stations. Discover how our tailored Rev-Charge solutions can boost your revenue.

Commercial Developers

Future-proof projects: Turnkey EV compliance and cost-efficient charging solutions

Let Rev-Charge guide your team with intelligent load balancing software, maximizing charging potential while minimizing capital expenses. We help to secure government rebates, ensuring a positive impact on your bottom line and tenant satisfaction.


Power ahead: Transform your fleet with EVs for unmatched cost savings 

Enjoy cost reductions in maintenance compared to traditional ICE Fleets. Join the 90% of forward-thinking Fleet Managers switching to EV operations. Let our team of experts guide you to an optimal Fleet management solution tailored to your operations needs.


Elevate your EV experience: Home charging solutions that provide range confidence and increase home value

Home charging is key for EV drivers. J.D. Power (2022) cites range anxiety and battery life as top concerns. Our level 1 and level 2 charging systems, tailored for home use, resolve these worries. Reduce range anxiety, embrace eco-friendliness, and boost home value.

Our EV charging and transaction solutions are safe and secure


The Rev-Charge EV solution for a sustainable future

Engineered for Excellence: Explore the pinnacle of performance with our system’s hardware

Product Options

40kW Dual Gun
19.2kW Dual Gun
19.2kW Single Gun
11.5kW Single Gun
neon stylized illustration of the Rev-Charge ev charger with two charing guns

Technical Features

  • Plug and Play ready
  • 4G, WIFI, and Ethernet capable
  • RFID compatible
  • Ruggedized Aluminum Shell, IP grade 65
  • Leakage protection: CCID20
  • MID system independent meter w/0.5 meter accuracy
  • Intelligent Load Balancing w/power adjustment
  • Intelligent remote station management
  • Self-winding retractable cable system

Installation, Safety, and Compliance

  • Suitable for wall, pole, or pedestal mounting
  • ADA Compliant
  • OCPPj1.6 version: V1.79.26 Compliant
  • Conforms to SAE J1772 for charging cable and gun (standard in the US)
  • All systems are safe for indoor or outdoor use

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Unlock the power and versatility of our system with these key software features powered by Cortex

Administrative Console

Seamless control and optimal functionality

  • Web-Application for Device and User Management
  • Live View of EV Chargers and Status with Remote Start/Stop
  • Ability to Group Chargers by Zone or Lot
  • Set Idle Fee’s (Plugged In & Not Charging)
  • Geolocation for Rebate Eligibility and Transaction Visibility
  • Simple and Secure User and Charger On-Boarding Process
  • Energy Usage Spend
  • Set Schedules

Comprehensive management and reporting

  • Multi-Level Management (Company, Location, Charger)
  • Active Charging Hours (Daily/Monthly/Annual)
  • Charging Type (Public v. Private)
  • Earnings Reports
  • Payout Schedule
  • Energy Usage
  • Troubleshooting Tools
  • Customized Alert Messages
OCPPj1.6 Compliant
UL Pending
PCI-DSS Compliant
GDPR Compliant

Mobile App

Visibility and control

  • Charger reservations
  • Geolocation via in-app map
  • Realtime cost tracking with start and pause control and full-charge indicator
  • SMS notifications with time extension

Seamless transactions

  • Integrates with mobile payment programs
  • Touchless Transactions system
  • Pay-as-you-go (No pre-pay required)
neon stylized illustration of the Rev-Charge software and mobile app, which shows maps, controls, and monitoring panels

Dedicated to the future of electric vehicles and their owners

The Rev-Charge team is working to “charge the world.”
Rev-Charge sets a new standard in EV charging, surpassing benchmarks for quality, security, and seamless interoperability. Athena proudly partners with Rev-Charge as our chosen EV charging solution, reflecting our commitment to meeting industry and consumer expectations with integrity.
- Nick Stanton, Managing Partner, Athena Partners Strategy Group
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